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Maria Antonieta Collins has spent the last three decades sharing her journey with Spanish speaking television audiences. She is currently the Senior Special Correspondent at Univision News. She is a regular contributor on all of their shows, including, “Noticiero Univision,” “Aqui y Ahora” and “Despierta America.” 


She is also known as a bestselling author and one of the most respected journalists in the USA. Maria Antonieta, has received many awards, including four Emmys and the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award.


Maria Antonieta’s weekly radio show “Casos y Cosas de Collins” is syndicated to 67 cities across the United States.

She writes a weekly political column for one of the most respected newspapers in Mexico, “El Sol de Mexico” and she also writes a weekly column in “El Nuevo Herald” (The Miami Herald in Spanish.

Maria Antonieta Collins has published nine books, seven of them with a focus on  self‐actualization  that have become best sellers: Dietas y Recetas de Maria Antonieta Collins; ¿Quien Dijo Que No Se Puede?; Cuando El Monstruo Despierta; En El Nombre de Comprar, Firmar y No Llorar; Como Lidiar Con Los Rx; Dijiste Que Me Querias; Porque Quiero Porque Puedo y Porque Me Da La Gana, and a political biography called “Fidel y Raúl Mis Hermanos: La Historia Secreta, Memorias De Juanita Castro” (Santillana/Oct, 2009). 


In March of 2021, she will publish her 10th book, “Si Yo Pude…Tu Mas,” to be distributed by Penguin Random House. She is also the Co‐Executive Producer of the documentary “Mis Hermanos, La Historia De Juanita Castro,” produced for Televisión Española and Discovery Channel.

Maria Antonieta Collins is an expert on Vatican subjects, a student of classical piano, and an activist in favor of abandoned animals.


She is a mother of three and resides in Miami.

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